Richie Incognito Has Sights On Politics

Former Bills Guard, Richie Incognito told TMZ Sports "I'm all about the land of opportunity. I'm about enriching everybody in America. And, you know, hopefully one day run for public office." This is just laugh out loud funny! I guess Richie wants to change the image he has of being a racist bully. That is going to... Continue Reading →

Rough N’ Rowdy

For those of you who don't know, RnR is a amateur boxing contest that Dave "El Pres" Portnoy, Founder of Barstool Sports puts on. It usually has about 20-30 fights followed by a Barstool Sports Main Event. If you haven't watched one yet, your fucking missing out. Each fight is a sequence of 3 one... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Americans

Welcome fellow Americans! I have a lot of people asking me what exactly are,"The Lazy Americans" and i'm here to clear up any confusion. Do you like America? I fucking hope so because I LOVE AMERICA! Do you like athletics? I fucking hope so, because I do. Do you love yourself? I fucking hope so... Continue Reading →

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