Welcome, Americans

Welcome fellow Americans!

I have a lot of people asking me what exactly are,”The Lazy Americans” and i’m here to clear up any confusion.

Do you like America? I fucking hope so because I LOVE AMERICA!

Do you like athletics? I fucking hope so, because I do.

Do you love yourself? I fucking hope so because I LOVE ME SOME ME!

If you can align yourself with any of those questions then you’re a “LAZY AMERICAN”. Don’t get this content wrong it doesn’t mean you’re lazy , so just calm down. We all work our fucking ASSES off and just want to be entertained. I am here to do that for you! I am standing up to all of the other bullshit sites out there that do the same thing. We don’t hold back from anything, and we will let you know how we feel. If you don’t like it, then its not for you.  We are located in Denver Colorado. If you would like to talk about future opportunities please contact us.

PS.I WILL NOT STOP TILL IM ON TOP! cropped-cropped-logo1.jpg

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