Rough N’ Rowdy

For those of you who don’t know, RnR is a amateur boxing contest that Dave “El Pres” Portnoy, Founder of Barstool Sports puts on. It usually has about 20-30 fights followed by a Barstool Sports Main Event.

If you haven’t watched one yet, your fucking missing out. Each fight is a sequence of 3 one minute rounds. The fighters are usually gassed after the first round , and its the most electric shit you’ll ever see.


This Sunday, Aug. 5th will be the 4th RnR. The main event is “Gay Pat” from Barstool , fighting against a piece of shit, ex-convict Brae Menteer. This will be the classic Pride vs. Prejudice fight. These guys have been going back and forth with the shit talk. “Gay Pat” has told Brae “I’M GOING TO EAT YOU’R ASS, THEN IM GOING TO BEAT YOU’R ASS!! That has to be in the hall-of-fame of quotes. That’s why all of the pressure is on Brae Menteer. He is a ex-convict who grew up fighting, he fought in prison and loves to “gay-bash”.  On the other hand, you have “Gay Pat” who has never fought. After all, this guy is a lover, not a fighter, but he has the size and length so it will be very interesting to see how this fight goes. I have Brae with a first round KO.

Moving on, the “SECOND MAIN EVENT”, will be a EX-COP vs. a SKATEBOARDER. This is another classic fight. The fight was going to be a cop vs a skateboarder but the cop got fucking fired.  Yeah, I guess they didn’t like that he was going to fight. That is complete BULL SHIT! We back the boys in blue here at “LAZY AMERICANS” and if you watch the fight promos you will see that he is one of the good ones.  El Pres told the ex-cop, Ryan Young that he will PAY HIM DOUBLE HIS SALARY to fight in RnR4. How amazing for the Pres to do that for the COP..!!! (Go Pres Go) But Ryan Young, the stand up guy he is, told Dave that he will take his salary but if he loses, he will give the skateboarder the other half. I don’t see Ryan Young losing. He is going to fucking tear that skater apart! I have another first round KO in this one.

There is going to be so many good fights of DUDES and CHICKS that just want to brawl, trying to beat the shit out of someone else. Tune in on Sunday for an electric event.

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Credit: Barstool Sports, Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl

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